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Micronations, sometimes also referred to as model countries and new country projects, are small, self-proclaimed entities that assert their sovereignty as ...

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A micronation is a recently self-proclaimed state that claims independence but is not formally recognized as an independent state by most United Nations ...

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30 Mega-Awesome Micro-Nations. We're recognizing the unrecognized republics and self-declared sovereign nations in this list. by larissahayden. 30 Places.

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Micronations are aspirant states that claim independence but lack legal recognition by world governments or major international organisations. Micronations are ...

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Micronation, entity that claims to be an independent state but whose sovereignty is not recognized by the international community.

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Micronations are areas that claim independence but are not recognized by the UN or the rest of the world's governments. Advertisement.

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Micronations are classified separately from states and rebel movements and are not considered autonomous or self-governing as they lack the ...

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Secret marvels: top 10 micronations · Transnistria · Principality of Sealand · Principality of Seborga · Republic of Užupis · Hutt River Principality.